Boy lives across country. Later, Boy says he doesn’t want a gf. He says he doesn’t want to see OTHER girls but he doesn’t want to be JUST friends. Why would a guy talk to a girl everyday with no physical contact for months?


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i dont know what all those other words except this of your question mean so im going to answer this

" Why would a guy talk to a girl everyday with no physical contact for months?


why? Is it necessary? I mean ,really? Just cos hes a boy, is it obvious that he must touch you in some way just becos he's talking to you? I think you are highly mistaken here....have you ever heard of "just talking"...maybe he's not into that girl in that way.....

if you think my answer is not relative then pls be clear with your question and not make it like a puzzle . We're not here to solve your mysterious questions and find out the treasure, so pls, if you really want a good answer, be straight forward and simple with your question.

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It only gave me 250 characters and it’s a complicated situation. Basically the story goes- we went on 2 dates then ‘i’ moved across the country. But we continued talking every day. Then he bought a plane ticket from Florida to Seattle to come and see me. We’ve been talking now for 6 months every day and we are pretty affectionate. Then he says that ‘i’ shouldnt Be afraid to talk to other guys but also that he doesn’t want to talk to other girls and he doesn’t want to be just friends with me
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Also ‘i’ Wrote ‘i’ because for some reason it would turn into a weird ! And box
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It's kinda hard to have physical contact when the two people involved lives on opposite sides of the country.

There is nothing wrong with being friends.

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Wait, what’s the exact situation? It was hard for me to clearly distinguish between your reply and your question what the situation is.

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So this guy and ‘i’ have Been talking everyday for a while but live on opposite side of the country. When he booked a flight to visit me, ‘i’ thought Things were getting more serious. He then tells me he isn’t looking for relationship right now but he doesn’t want to talk to other girls or be “just friends” with me. Almost like friends with benefits except we live thousands of miles apart. He is still talking to be everyday. Calling me beautiful. Planning on visiting me in the future. ‘I’ guess ‘I’ don’t understand why someone would say all that and not want a relationship
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Maybe he does want you, but he’s afraid of commitment or any changes (to you or to his situation at home) that come with a long distance relationship. After all, you are living so far from each other.

But also, are you sure he doesn’t have another girl at home? I know he says he doesn’t want to see any other girls, but couldn’t there be a small possibility? I don’t know what he’s like, only you know him, but this is just a worse case scenario that I thought of. Don’t mean to scare you.

Ultimately, if you are curious, I say talk to him about it! 100%. If you are already talking about his love life with him, it seems safe to ask him about EXACTLY how he feels towards you. Ask him why if he wants all the things in a relationship, but doesn’t want a commitment. Just integrate that into a conversation of yours.
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Why does everybody ask strangers what issues in their relationship means?

If you can't ask HIM ... You should not be in a relationship with him.

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