Is it wrong that I hit my mom back, but not on purpose it was kinda a reflex? when she socked me because I was wondering why she was treating me wrong and always yelling at me for stuff I don't do and then makes plans and then changes them.


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That is a question that only you can answer.  Being a parent is not as easy as young people may think and making decisions for others is not a simple task.  However, it is a role that should not be taken lightly.  When you say she is treating you bad or yelling at you -  have you thought about she might have had a bad day.  Does she work as well as take care of the family, settle arguments and disputes, make sure dinner is prepared for the family, household responsibility taken care of.  You have to remember that  a mother wears several hats and perform many duties that may not necessarily be part of her daily routine.  As a parent I have yelled at mine or laid hands on them unnecessarily.  Communication is  essential for a family to flourish and grow together in love.  So, striking a parent is a no, no in my book,

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Yes it is wrong for you to hit any one including your mother! But it is wrong for her to put her hands on you as well. I am sure you are WAY past the spankin age! SMH! Two wrongs don't make a right. You are BOTH in the wrong!

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It is always wrong to hit your mum (mom if you are 'stateside). It is also always wrong to hit a woman (even if you are yourself female).

In any case, you have to have a really good reason to hit ANYONE.

Try a different mechanism for releasing pent up anger, or getting your point across.

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When I was about 10 years old, a girl picked up a rather large rock and tried to bash it over my head.

I quickly judged that to be unacceptable and neutralized the threat.

I was raised with that "never put your hands on a girl" rubric.

In an anology you will quickly understand, that quote is as meaningful as the refrain "Jesus loves me this I know because the bible tells me so."

(Bless me, father; for I have sinned.)
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Yes, as Tiger says it is wrong for either of you to be hitting anyone. Are you the same anonymous that wanted to know if you were to blame because your parents were fighting because you wouldn't do as you were told?  I suspect you are because this all started because you didn't do something your were told to do. I suspect you are. You need to start taking responsibility and do as your parents ask. You are part of that family and need to contribute to the chores and do so when asked. Not when and if you want. Grow up not everything is someone else's fault. You are responsible for your own actions and inactions.

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"Wrong"---well there may be mitigating factors, but it's hard to say it was "right."

But, no matter how recalcitrant you may be, it's still the parents responsibility to raise their children properly and yet still avoid putting them in situations where the kids have no good options for responding.

She's the one who definitely needs to make changes, but it still may be in your best interest to back down a bit and make a few concessions to see if that makes the situation less toxic for yourself.

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Well hitting is wrong, an argument has got to escalate to quite a level to reach that stage. So what part did you play? I ask you this because you can only change your actions you can't change another's. All you can do is sit down and ask yourself "What could I have done differently?"  One person's actions can change a whole outcome. Learn from this, and if need be apologise to your mother for "your wrong doing," and follow through with not behaving in that manner again. Even if you feel your mother is in the wrong, still examine your behaviour because this is how you will learn to deal with your mother, even if it's just walking away. This is how a person learns better social skills.

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