I have known this for about a year and had never asked her out or for her number. I gave her my number so she cud send me a pic. I noticed that she had actually not saved my number although she responds to my texts. what does this mean?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

That she didn't save your number for obvious reasons but returns your texts out of courtesy. You might want to just talk to her to get the truth of the matter.

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what are these obvious reasons. Me and this girl hangout with our group of friends a lot. On that day I noticed her not having saved my number, we had slept in the same bed that night.
Rooster Cogburn
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Maybe she doesn't want anyone else to know.
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Who knows ... Why haven't you pursued this?  She might be wondering why you haven't called her.

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I am trying to pursue it, but then I dont want to come off as pushy. That night I noticed she had not saved the number, I slept in the same bed with her. I even told her that I find her fun to be around and she responded by saying that am a fun time to. I told her I would text her about when we could hangout again and she said okay.
Sharron Prestcott
You slept in the same bed together, you told her she was fun to be around and yet she's not saving your number. If the situation were reversed ask yourself why you would be doing this.

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