When I asked my fiance for his Mobile / Skype password, he refused to give it. Should I have to angry on him? or am I wrong asking him this??


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If he really is your Fiance' , then he shouldn't have any problem giving you that ! You're not wrong at all for wanting to communicate with him. I would be upset if I were in your shoes. Skype is pretty informal as you know. I think I would ask him again and if he says : No ! Then kindly ask him to explain why! Good Luck young lady.

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Why do you need it?  I'm married and wouldn't be interested in getting my husband's passwords .. Because I trust him and have better things to do.

If you have concerns about your fiancee's loyalty to you .. Talk to him honestly about it.  If you want to have a successful marriage, you have to be able to communicate and trust each other.

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There is absolutely NO reason to share passwords unless there is a trust issue. If you trusted him, you wouldn't even ask for it.

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You are engaged to someone you don't trust. Just because he doesn't give you his password doesn't mean he's not trustworthy. Think about why you had to ask and what you hope to accomplish by getting his password. Then think about why you want to get married. See if those two line up.

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You shouldn't be angry, unless you're sure there's something he's hiding or something. It is his privacy, so don't intrude too much, even if he is your fiance. Maybe ask him why he wouldn't, and see how he responds. Try to stay positive and don't look into it :)

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He's probably hiding something. Most guys are. If he wasn't, he wouldn't have a problem showing you.

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Yin And Yang
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Thank you Tiger. :0)
lia weist
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All men have the same genetic urge to procreate with as many women as possible. All men have to fight this urge constantly. It would be an overwhelming lie to say that most men are capable of overcoming their nature and do NOTHING they wouldn't want their partner to see. The evidence you say doesn't exist is right in front of every scientifically intelligent human. It's called evolution.
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While I appreciate your scientific comment, I believe that with time that men have evolved enough that they learned self control. The last time I looked I'm not being dragged around by my hair by a knuckle dragging man, just barely out if his cave. To have such a low expectation of men in general only shows how limited your thinking is. You are either very immature or very bitter.
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It sounds like you don't trust him.

As such, you should break off the engagement and give back the ring.
Maybe resume dating until you find somebody you DO trust.

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You do have approval to research on handy as you,ll have a relationship ahead he could have given for few minute if you ain,t illegal aim. 

you must,t have a rough behave..

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Unless his behaviour is suspicious you shouldn't be angry .

Everyone needs their personal space. Let him have his.

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