My boyfriend said we could go to a music festival this summer so I charged the ticket cost and hotel cost on my credit card thinking he would pay me back. When I told him everything was booked he said "I'm not paying for anything". What do I do?


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You learned something aye ?  Don't be that girl who pays for a dude:/ get the tip ...Not the dinner and hotel and festival ??!!!  Boys are supposed to pay. Cos I said so. I don't care about all that woman's lib crap .. Make the boys/ men pay.

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You learned a couple of things, didn't you? First don't book anything unless you have a clear understanding as to who is going to pay. Second, your boyfriend is a self-centered child.

As for what you do depends on what you want to do. You can give your boyfriend a secind chance to make good at least on half the cost. Or you can see if someone else want to go. Or you can probably cancel the hotel without penalty is you do it early enough, so that money os recoverable. The tickets you would need to sell. There are online sites that can help you with that.

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Agreed. Ten paws for you. Communication is key here. When you make an assumption, it can come back and bite you in the a&&.
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Ditch the boyfriend. Go with somebody else and enjoy the music.

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Depends on the situation. Was the condition that each of you were going to pay? If so, I'd give the ticket to someone that is willing to pay their way. If he doesn't like it I'd say that's his problem, and needs to learn a lesson.

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you're right , I see your point. Damn , I hate admitting someone is right :p exept for the part were you agreed with me ... I'm fine with admitting that's right :p
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LMAO, Well, I'm 60, and I think you maybe younger. (most likely) but to be honest, the dude is a loser, especially if he doesn't offer to pay his part. I would.
Jaimie  JT
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I am younger :) but yes the " dude " is a loser regardless of our generation gap ;)
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Unfortunate situation.......valuable lesson.  Don't ever let any guy (or female) put you in such a predicament again.  Next time you do nothing until you have the money from them. 

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