My parents called me pathetic for not working but I was diagnosed with a heart problem that's put me in a wheelchair and my dr wont allow me to work. Should I forgive them?


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Yes, you should forgive them. Perhaps they didn't know all of the facts. No sense in holding any grudges with your Parents. It's not good for you. Talk to them and they'll understand better.

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Britt Doe
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The problem with that is they knew something was wrong since I was 8, it took me 15 years to find a diagnosis and they know how crushed I was to find out there was no cure. Each year got harder and they saw me fall into depression for basically mourning the life I once had. They were also abusive and lied to the rest of my family about the things they did.
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Some people just don't have sympathy for others but you should. You're an adult now and you should show them that you are the better person by just forgiving and lead your own life as best you can. Time for you to move on and the rest of your family can sure see by now that they were lying.
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My sister and I were just talking about our brothers and these grudges they seem to be holding on to (for years now) and not speaking to each other. I don't doubt it's hard but I for one refuse act in that fashion. You can choose to be right or be happy. You can't control how others feel but you can control your reaction to it. 

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Forgiveness is important not only for the forgiv'ee' .. But the forgiv'er'.  Holding a grudge only fuels destructive forces.  They didn't know you were ill .. And their comments were made out of frustration.

Now that you all know better .. Let it go.

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Parents are NOT perfect and don't last forever. Parents always hope the very best for their kids and sometimes it doesn't happen so Parents get discouraged when it doesn't and being Human, they sometimes say things they really don't mean. 

Don't always take everything you hear from your parents too seriously and yes forgive them while you still can  and before you regret it for the rest of your life.  Your Parents love you very much and are proud too otherwise like many Parents do, yours haven't abandoned you .  

Do it and good luck and don't blame yourself here as somethings happen in life we have absolutely no control over but God has a bigger plan for us and oneday we will know what

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