I want to know titles for a farewell. There is a girl who is dainty, decent and elegant. She speaks softly and is good in her studies. She is not the all rounder and I don't want Ms. or princess titles for her. Could you please help me?


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Titles for women

Miss, young lady = typically under 18.  Still sometimes is used for an unmarried woman.

Ms = any woman, married, unmarried, married but did not change her last name/hyphenated last name.

Mrs. = Married woman who changed her last name, or divorced woman who kept spouse's name.

Dr. = Woman/man who has attained a doctoral degree (MD, JD, PhD, DO, ect...)

Rev. = Woman/man who is a reverend (minister).

There are versions of these in almost every language.  Mademoiselle is French for Miss. Senorita is Spanish for Miss.

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