My Boyfriend Is EXTREMELY Shy Around My Family And Because Of It My Family Doesn't Like Him. Is There Anything He Can Do To Change Their Opinion?


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Does you boyfriend have a sense of humor? If so tell him to use it, make him crack up some funny, but not perverted (yet) jokes. That will break the ice a bit. Make him feel more comfortable around them by including him with the activities that go on!

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My boyfriend doesn't want to be around  my family. He says its because he is just not comfortable yet. But its been almost 4 years. What can I do to help . I try including him and inviting him to family activities but he always finds a way out of it. I love him and we are supposed to be getting married in a couple years but I don't want to deal with this my whole life. HELP.
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Well if this is his personality and they can't except that then its your family not him. It is not his fault if he is shy. Your family should not judge their opinion on this dude on if he is shy. I'm sorry but your family is in the wrong..... Your boyfriend should do nothing to change he should not have to.....

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