All the guys like my best friend because she is kind of slutty so I get no attention. What should I do?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Don't worry about it! If she get's attention by being slutty, then she's going to attract a certain type of guy who only has one thing on his mind. Be yourself and you'll attract the right kind of guy who really cares for you, not what he might get!

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Nice Girl answered

Nothing to worry about! Your friend is just attracting guys who do not care but like to use girls and  if u wanna become like her then its not good becoz those guys won't be good for u!

 If you remain simple act the way  you r then u will find a right boy who cares and loves u and not just has that dirty thinking for u! 

Just remain happy and forget about your friend and her attraction and nothing to get jealous of her, becoz that thing is of no use!

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