I'm used to being ignored by guys, but this year I've been informed by some of my friends that at least six different guys like me, so why the sudden change?


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Congratulations, we are all now in the same confusing boat! Yeah, this happened to a few of my friends and sort of with me (except not really since I'm not very attractive to begin with haha). I honestly don't think that it's anything that you are doing. It's just that with time, people change and they can change their views of people and what they think is attractive. Like seriously, when you first start out liking people, I bet your standards then are a lot different than your standards now. Similar things happen to everyone including guys, so right now what you are going through isn't such an abnormal thing. I think that you should embrace that right now and feel free to experience this. Just be careful not to hurt anyone's feelings unnecessarily or do anything stupid along the way. Anyway, I wish you well!

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