This year is my senior year of high school. I’m debating on what I want to do, become an orthopedic surgeon at a state school or an engineer at a private college. I love the private school, but the state school is more affordable. I am freaking out!


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The question you have to ask yourself is "which career path do you want to pursue the most?" Since I was young, I was fixated on choosing a school based on a lot of inconsequential factors. I didn't even think of going to the university I now attend until September of my Senior year, but it had the best major for me and I love it.  Choose the school that has the best program and will help you get ahead. If it happens to be the more expensive option, then you'll make up the extra costs later down the line. But if you prefer the private college based on other things (nicer dorm rooms, father away from home, better parties, etc), then I'd recommend taking a step back and really evaluating each school based on academics. Not a fun answer, but hopefully it'll help you!

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Charlotte Clemens
Thank you very much! I think I want to go with the state school because it is a better value and offers me a chance to save money for Medical School. Not only will it be good for my parents, but it will also introduce me to a greater population of students and not be so secluded like the private school.

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