i hate my life because i am tired of being bullied.i wish i could be the only child.i hate my big brother because he thinks he sooo smart and he thinks he is a know it all.bye?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Sibling rivalry has been around since the advent of time and will always be. Look  at it a different way, instead of viewing it as bullying , which I don't see any here, look at it as family competition  where you will be better at somethings whereas your brother will be in others. It sounds like  youre kinda jealous of him here but nothing unusual. It doesn't last forever and there will come a day when you are going to miss all this. So find a way to use his knowledge to your advantage which is also the highest form of flattery but he will always be your Brother no matter what. Just change your attitude here and things will be better  Good luck

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angie zhang answered

hey there , firstly I can understand how much it hurts and sucks to be bullied .. Especially if it happened on a daily basis , people are idiots and foolish and they try to make jokes that instead hurt you emotionally and physically , some days you may feel like you can't take it anymore because it seems like its never gonna stop . Sometimes people bully you may be different , but different is fine and people who bully you for being different is just quite dumb ,ask yourself this , ' am I really what they say I am ?' sometimes due to people verbally or physically bullying you , you get in your mind you may be a certain person because those bullies repetitively say that to you , seriously it may seem hard to do but don't pay attention , talk to someone you trust or is close to , and try to solve the problem like eg. They may verbally bully you everyday , instead you don't care , don't try to retaliate or say something nasty to them , but be smart , bullies wait for the reactions and you fighting back gets them to try harder to make you sad/angry/bad , if they physically bully you I suggest you ACTUALLY talk to a parent , or a teacher , talking to your parents about this problem is very important , you may think they won't understand and make it worse but parents care about you , so talk to them about it and try to figure out a way to avoid or demolish this problem , seeing as I haven't been bullied before well bullied enough to be hurt I wouldn't really understand what your really going through , but ignore them , they may hit you but don't think of ending your life because of it , think watever its just highschool/primary school im concentrated on work being with friends etc. Stick with friends that bring out the best in you or you trust or who understand you , so you won't be facing it alone . Don't let them haters bring you down because it may be horrible and it may seem unending but there is always light no matter how deep a hole you are in :)  also to answer your other question , as a big sister I have felt very annoyed and angry at my younger sister for trying to act smart and it seems like my life is in hell , but you have to accept him , he may try to act smart or smarter than you but really we all have talents and he probably doesn't have the skill /talent you have , so try to be nice , try to be a good little sister/brother even how know it all he thinks he is . Maybe learn a few facts yourself and soon he won't be tryin to outsmart you . Good luck :)

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