Is it weird that i wish for my ex to be dead? not because i hate him, but he's in so much emotional pain, and he has to live with it for his whole life. I want him to be dead so he doesn't go through this pain


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PJ Stein answered

Frankly, I do find that weird. You should be wishing him peace. Or for him to get help to learn how to deal with his pain.

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Sophia Tortilla
Sophia Tortilla commented
hes on several medications, because he has sever depression. and yes, i wish him peace, but that's unattainable. i'm not saying i'd kill him or encourage his death. and i'd definitely miss him, but i just got this scary thought so idk
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Well, the motive for that wish seems to be coming from a certain amount of concern for him.

Since you apparently see no way that his pain can be reduced, your wish seems reasonable.

Usually, however, there are other as yet unidentified options for him. 

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