I can't get this guy off of my mind after what happened between us last night, when we were really close and touchy feely. And I don't know if I should tell him I'm crazy about him or not?


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I think for now, don't do that yet. You've only had one crucial interaction with him. Wait until you guys have had a few more before you decide that he is really who you like. Because sometimes, one incident may feel great and you feel like you like the guy, but then after a while and some deep thought, you realize that he's not exactly what you're looking for or not someone you'd like. That's why don't jump the gun too soon, because you may regret it.

It's obvious that you are feeling some sort of attraction to him and that is normal. But if you really want to start confessing your feelings for him, wait until you've known each other better. That kind of thing where you love each other at first sight and confess and all that is really romantic and cheesy in movies, but just plain creepy and weird in real life. So trust me when I say wait. You need to sort out your feelings first before you can do anything rash like telling him that you're crazy for him. Then once your logic has helped you clear your mind and you two have gotten to know one another better, than I don't see why not. But before that, please try to refrain yourself from doing so.

Also, if you did that and the guy is actually reasonable, he'd probably be a bit freaked out. If you confess and he jumps the gun too, then he's probably not someone you want to be with because usually this is a characteristic of a player/flirt. It's best to wait and see who he is before finding out a little too soon and a little too fast.

Anyway, keep on hanging out with this guy and I hope things will end up well for you.

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