If your mom wont let you talk or see your dad after they're divorced what should I do? Last time I saw my dad was when he was on t.v. because he kayaked across America


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal, answered

This could get a little hard to understand so Ill try my best to explain. All this depends on what is written in the children section of Custody/support/visitation  part of their Divorce decree but if your Mom accepts Child support from your Dad then chances are she cant stop you from seeing or contacting your Father or vice versa without getting into trouble with  the courts. So now the hard part here is how to get this communication line open and going so somehow you have to figure a way to first contact him and explain the situation so he knows your Mom is preventing this and he can act accordingly. Your Mom has a way to contact him for emergency purposes so figure out a way to get it from her like maybe sending him a Nappy Birthday card or a congratulations card for his recent feat.  Good luck

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