I saw my moms phone over her shoulder and she was sending hearts to a guy I've never heard of. My parents are split and I live with my mom and see my dad on weekends. If my mom and this other guy get married, what if I have to move? Help please!


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You should have top priority to say so where you live. Just cause your mom may get remarried and want move with a new guy she needs to make you happy.  If your dad is good guy, pays for child support, or helps support you in any way,  your mother will be required to live within so many miles of your dad, so he can continue with your weekend visits with him ..She can't completely fly the coop without setting boundaries, especially if you have a good dad who is entitled to get weekend visits with you. 

If he wanted to, he can take your mom to court for violation of any rights he has as your parent.

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