What Should You Do If Your Mom Or Dad Goes Missing?


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Well if your mum is missing its quiet a serious issue; first and foremost do not panic. Start of by registering a missing persons report with the local police station. Try contacting all your relatives and friends just to check if they have any knowledge about your mum's whereabouts. Try finding out who did she last speak too. Keep records of all the information you collect from your enquiries, so that you can offer comprehensive information, if necessary, to the authorities assisting in finding your mum.

Try placing ads in the local news paper with the complete details of your mum, like when was she last seen, what was she wearing, her age, visible birth marks if any etc, along with a full size photograph, as this will help other in identifying her.
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Missing mom or dad is a deliberate issue. One would feel terrible in such situations. You don't need to panic much and try to solve this matter practically. As they are your parents, you must be knowing their personal details like:

1. Full name

2. Last Known Address

3. Date of birth

4. Last known contact numbers

5. Contact details of friends and relatives

6. Email address

These information will help you to find them. If you want to read the whole process in details then you can just take a look at how to skip trace. I hope this article will help you to find your parents.


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I'm has gone and its my dad so please help me calm down!
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What I would do is scream and freak out. Then get some ice cream and watch a movie. And think of the bright sides of not having a parent around you can break all the rules like stay up all night on week days and not go to school and wont have to got the dentist or doctor and a bunch of other stuff. And then I would have a party with all the cool people from school!!!

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