What's Wrong With A Person Who Cannot Take Blame For Anything They've Done Wrong?


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In some cases, they think they are so prefect that they don't make mistakes... Or have such a high opinion of themselves that they can't admit they messed up.
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Because they are either too afraid to admit their mistakes and are ashamed , or they are sore people and do not like to be told they are wrong , ppl like tht will nver learn and succeed in life , u need to fail in life in order to succeed , failure is key , remember success is 99% failure , !....that is just the persons persoanllity , some of us admit we r wrong whilst sum dnt because they dnt wnna look like a fool , but a real man Admits his mistakes ,
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Some of them have this habit naturally and some pretend it! You need not worry about them just don't indulge in their business.
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That's a good answer too. Just difficult to pull off. Tell them to stop giving these excuses, to just "drop it", but they won't shut up !! LOL
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G'day Midnite,

Thank you for your question.

It might be that they are correct that there were problems. It might also be that they are not able to accept responsibility.

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G'day back Keith,
Wow....I think your spot on with your 2nd thought. I'd rather be told they can't do it in the1st place to avoid argument & blame. Should just get a pro, but that doesn't heal the irresponsibility problem.This goes on at their job also n' could be trouble. Denial, excuses, blame. Is it part of a person's personality that can't be adjusted? This behavior is seen in their kids as well. It surprises me, since it took mega responsibility to do what they did in their past.
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I had this same issie going on with a general contractor back in 2004. In reality, they are idiots. I have learned if they say they can do. Fine, let them but do NOT pay them. As the project is going along, if I see mistakes, I tell them nicely for their ego can NOT handle "direct" and "blunt." If they don't like it, FINE...GTFOOMH.....which means get out of my house. If you cannot treat my belongings good then u do not deserve to be here. I do NOT pay when he does not listen. The project ends.Also if they walk in my house without rolling out something to protect the floor, I ask them nicely to leave.I have found also if, for example, the plumber comes in, tears the toilet down and just throws his screwdrivers and screws on the tank without FIRST laying the towel down for protection....well, he leaves, too. Once I find one that he does use protection, then I will have him back!! Lol and yes, Tony, I am talking about ALL projects. The carpenter must use protection, too!!!Also Midnite, you must remember that this is your home. The project is Yours so YOU are in charge. You are paying and if he doesn't satisfy you or you see that the project is not going the way that you anticipated, then you halt the project.If the contractor needs a contract, make this a stipulation in the contract.

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