Do We Have A Fixed Self Or Are We And Always Will Be Forever Changing?


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Well, since we are always being influenced and our opinion is forever changing (usually), I'd say forever changing, unless of course you are in a closed environment, e.g. Under a rock, or the amish have very limited interaction, not zero, but limited since theres no world-wide-interaction, atleast thats my opinion.
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WE Change As We Get Older.. Learning More..  Dressing Different.. Maybe Changing Hairstyles. Moving Around To New Towns And Cities As  We Change Attitudes. Your Core Beliefs.. Never Change.. Like Knowing Right From Wrong.. Treating People With Dignity And Respect...Don't Steal Or Lie..
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It is always to be considered changes from worst to good not the other way around..If you're already good, keep it up.
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Things that don't change, renew, or grow become stagnate.
We have to face changes everyday of out lives.  Those changes
also reflect on who we are.  How we deal with them are reflected
in our Selves.  We grow or we become stagnant ourselves.
Even those who claim to be 'fixed in their old age', aren't
as fixed as they say they are.  The Self will always shift,
for better or for worse.
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Well if you believe as i do about God/Jesus we have only one self.we will however shed our mortal body for our eternal body.a body that is perfect,never tires,never hurts,never this does not mean we will not how to say  say expand our minds/thoughts/learning.even when we all change into our new and perfect body that does not stop us from going one of two places .heaven or heaven there will be no more torment,anguish, hell it will be constant torment ,anguish,worry.for eternity.separation from God/Jesus.
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Humanity in general? It's constantly changing.
Specific people, on the other hand, could be either. Some have a fixed self, and do not really change much over any period of time. (Cerebriac brought up a good point that relates to this: People "living under a rock" will have a fairly consistent, unaffected personality.)
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I am forever :D
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They're all right. We always change. But it's not something to be feared. Look forward to it, it's a part of growing up and maturing. :)
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I think we are forever changing. However, the core of who we are in a few select things remains fixed because we want it that way.
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We are not fixed neither changing forever. We will change but there will be a time when we stop
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We change every single day of our life.  From the cellular level and on up, we learn, we are renewed, and we build on our selves hour by hour, day by day, year by year.
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Everyone is always and forever will be changing. C'mon guys, no one thought about physical changes? Puberty? Bigger bones? Many more? And this is just the physical aspect of it. Even if you're dead you are rotting slowly. Change.
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All things change with time.  Rocks and mountains are reduced to rubble over the years.  The most ancient of trees and the most delicate flowers return to the earth. Our own bodies age and change with the years.   As humans, we are influenced by our surroundings, our family,  our friends, our enemies, what we read, what we hear, what we watch, etc.  Varying problems come and go.  These outside influences can change on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.   As we adjust to these type changes, we change as well.  Everything is in a constant flux of change.  The most absolute thing you can count on is that things change with time.
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Forever changing, It's a natural change cycle it depends on you what you really want be in your life. It keeps on changing as we grow older and older
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Hi OmnoM.We're always changing ,and thank God for that.I wouldn't like to be the same as i was when i was 16 or 17 years old,and i don't think anyone else would either.(know me at 16 or 17)
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Although we may have a constant temperment that is "I" that is identifiable over time, we also change in substantial ways as we age and gain more experience.

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