Can we "have it all" or are we becoming too ambitious? Are we trying to hard to have the perfect life "on paper", instead of trying to be content with who we are and what we have?


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Not too sure how I feel about this one, on the one hand I think everyone should be as ambitious as possible, and try and better themselves in any way they can.

On the other hand, it is also true that being content with who we are and what we have is extremely important. Striking a balance between these two should be the key, and I believe doing this comes with age and experience.

For example, when I was young I went through phases of wanting to become a footballer, rockstar and Formula 1 driver - sadly none of this worked out, but I'm not too bothered! The child me would be devastated at the thought that none of these pipe dreams came true, but to be honest I'm quite content with who I am at the moment.

That's not too say that it's wrong to have insecurities, or to improve yourself. Everyone is insecure about something, that's a fact of life.

So, yes I do believe it's important to be ambitious, but I also believe it's important to stay grounded. Trying to have the 'perfect life' according to the media, celebrities and popular culture may make you feel 'secure', but it probably won't make you happy.

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Melinda Moore
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I really agree with the "consumed with doing, rather than being" comment.

I don't think perfectionism is always 100% beneficial in any walk of life, as it can make us virtually unable to make decisions, or to compromise when necessary - and I think it's certainly not something that should be applied to life itself.

There's a difference between being ambitious, which is good, and striving relentlessly for something that cannot ever really be defined, or achieved, i.e. "a perfect life".
SereneNSassy Soul
I totally agree with you Mel; well said!
Melinda Moore
Melinda Moore commented
Thanks - wasn't sure if I'd managed to convey what I meant - so appreciate the feedback!
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Nope! We shouldn't have it, it would take away all the fun of life and turn it into mediocre. As we have phases of life accordingly we should be endowed in order to appreciate the life, bit of struggle brings solace and understanding towards others.

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