If I Said That You Had A Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me?


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Gday Debossman,

Thank you for your question.

No. If you were a woman, possibly.

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Karen answered
Absolutely NO way
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Hello Boss
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And I am certainly happy about that, seeing that you are still a child. A big TU for you.
Anonymous commented
What? That didn't even make sense! Of course I get the little pick up line! You didn't say anything to "Eyewatcher" about saying the exact same thing as I did! And why do you keep saying I'm still a child? I'm old enough to be on this site!
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Probably not
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A song just popped into my head, one by M.C. Hammer, do you recall, lol "Can't Touch This" lol No I wouldn't hold it against you, but I might use it for extortion sometime. Lmao roff
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If I liked you then I would.  If I hated or didn't like you much then I'd get annoyed with you for making such comments to me because I dont care how they are!

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I'm a boy, usually girls do but I'm starting to get abs, I would blush and say nothing doesn't me I do or don't agianst it
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Billy Price answered
I sure would Satan!
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Hello Boss
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Billy, this is the second time I have tried to warn you against this type of behaviour in Blurtit, believe me, continue and you WILL regret it.
Billy Price
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Well then, you leave me alone and quit giving me thumbs downs and commenting on my answers and I will do the same.

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