Are You The Type Of Person Who Would Want To Live On The Other Side Of The World? Why And Where? And If NO, Why?


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Hi Tinga! As you already know I have been thinking of moving. What is keeping me from actually doing it is that I don't have the strenght for such a project, and also I don't want to leave our house where I lived with my late husband. If I ever move I would keep our house as well. The children have their lives here at home and it is a big step to take them away. I do not think they would handle a move that well. They need stability, especially now after their fathers death. But one of my dreams is to live in Spain. My husband loved that country as well, the land and the nature itself, but also the culture and the people. So many gifted artists are from Spain, painters, architects, musicians... I would like to live there with my children, to have at least a couple of places, one more secluded where I can relax, sit on my porch or in my garden and read, paint and write on my novels while the children are playing in front of me. The other place would be in one of their citys or somewhere in Italy. However my skin is completely white and hypersensitive, almost as if I'm allergic to the sun, so I think it will remain just a dream. Maybe I will end up in England instead so I can visit the theatres and musicals in The West End, but I don't like the winters there with the lack of isolation they have in their houses. I would have to let them build me a swedish house, so we won't freeze. But I love culture, art and music, and London has a lot to offer within that area. Take good care, Tinga! Hugs from me to you! Mwah!!!
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You know, my whole family have the same interests, so maybe in a few years when the kids are a little older we will move... But I wouldn't want to move if they don't want to. I want them to be as happy as possible, so I always listen to their feelings and wishes.
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Oh, and my daughter has the same complexion as me, so no, we wouldn't move to Spain, but you can always dream... London however.... I know it's not on the other side of the world, but it is a different country after all. And we could still visit Spain from time to time, as well as our home here. I love our house and all the memories I have here, and I know my kids feel the same way. Well... I'm sorry I didn't mean to comment my own answer as much I have. I will close here. Bye, bye, Tinga! Mwah!
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Well, here I am again... I forgot to tell you that I also have been thinking of moving to France. They too have a really beautiful land and nature with a wonderful culture, art and music... Yes... One of these countrys... My characters in my novels often come from these places, so you see, I love these countrys. And as I said before, no matter where we live we can always visit our home here in Sweden and these other countrys as well.
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Growing up and skills gotten from my experience in the M Corps, has taught you can live anywhere you wish and can make it, my mothers advice was to find the church first in the area you will call home they will give you information needed to survive ie. Employment office, housing info. The closest and best food stores on and on and they will not mislead you as some on the street would, so if it became that I had to relocate I would and would not worry about surviving......the best to you
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YES! Well, maybe.

I'd love to go to Asia, probably China or Japan. They both just have such rich interesting cultures, such a beautifull way of life.... I think it would be nice to experience it. Given the chance, why wouldn't anyone go across the world? You have the benefit of all the experiences you grew up with, and then you can add the ones from the new place that you get.
And besides, chinese food is pretty good hahaha
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Hahaha nice one!!!! =D yeah chinese food are great.. Just don't eat too much of it.. Haha
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I'd rather live in the U.S because there's more life there
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I would love to give up my American citizenship to live along the Mexican Riviera or Caribbean resorts
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I think that it would be a great experience to live on the other side of the world.I personely would do it if the opertunity came up just because im the type of person who like change and to try knew things.

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