What Good Advice Did Your Dad Give You?


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There were many fine ideas that my dad left behind when he passed on. My favorite one is "You don't have to like everything that happens to you, but you do have to make the best of it."

Another one, that get me into trouble from time to time is "There is a right and a wrong way to do everything" The implication is if you're not right, you must be wrong. I have discovered that there are many right ways to do things.
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I never had a father or a dad of any kind. My mother reared me all by herself, WITH the help of a few uncles, but you didn't ask about them.
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One of the bits of advise I still use is to not be bothered by bad traffic...and to allow maniac drivers to have their way. He used to say, "I'm just not in that big if a hurry". I try to use that phrase myself when I start feeling harried or rushed.
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Nothing; he left by the time I was four.  My grandpa, on the other hand, gave me lots of great advice.  For one thing, he told me not to go along with crowd just to be popular.

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He said as long as i give 110% i can never fail in life, just do your best every day and you can feel good about it. Too bad i didn't follow his wise words
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My father said very little to anything he paid the bills kept food on the table but he was like the movie a beautifull mind. He worked for nasa

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None ! My Dad was a mean A-hole ! He brought me to the recruiting place and said : Join the Navy like I did. So I went in and joined the Army ! Best advice ever !

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