What advice would you give a newlywed couple? Im doing a project for my best friend- please include your first name and where you're from!


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Since you didn't have the courtesy to show your name I don't know why you think we would honour you by giving ours. But here's a quote and it comes from a man named Ogden Nash. It's called "Advice to Husbands".

To keep your marriage flowing, with love in the loving cup, whenever you're wrong admit it, whenever you're right shut up!

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Yo, it's Louie from Philly. Keep 'er in the kitchen, specially when football is on TV. Keep those samwiches comin'.

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GB from Florida

Some say a marriage is 50/50, others will say it 100/100. The truth is, it is and should be fluid. Sometimes you will be giving more than your spouse, and other times not as much. It will balance out over the years, just don't keep score.

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Here's my advice for a newlywed couple...

And my name is Ophelia Balls, and I live in Bushy Gap.

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Since you are "Anonymous" I will grant you A NAME, but not mine.

This is Larry Tate from Burbank California, and the best advice I can give you, is that you are NOW a team of two. While this MAY denote that some Jobs/Tasks belong to one person and Separate Jobs/Task belong to the other . . . This is not the case. Some Jobs/Tasks do work better with those whom have "strengths" in that regards.

Example: My Wife is not only well organized, but also, extremely good with budgets and handling money. She does the bill paying for the family.

The idea is that the overall things that run the family should be shared . . . During, Tax season my wife's work hours double, so fill in gaps, and become a bit of a single parent . . . There is a certain rhythm in this, and one that isn't always learned in the first couple of years of marriage . . . But once you get it right, what a sweet melody it can be.

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While it's possible that you may wish to remain anonymous lest your friend see this question and know it's from you, my name is irrelevant.

And since all answers are from human beings who live all over the world and generally speaking, move about freely, their location is of little concern.

But to the rest of your question: "Real intimacy is rarely polite, but always treat your partner with respect."

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Try very hard (both of you) to never go to bed,

mad at each other. Always talk things out.

Even if you have to agree to disagree,

a compromise has been made.

In this way you will never damage the love,

that was born and will never die.

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