Why Do Some People Continue To Stay Married?


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Habit, lethargy, convenience or the fear of change and of being alone

or any combination of the above
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A seasoned journalist and my respected teacher has advised me that if you are married you can't be unmarried and if you are unmarried you can marry anytime. Some people find marriage as a Pandora box and others believe that it is a path to heavenly joys.

I think most of the couples indulge in quarrelling over petty issues as it is difficult for two people to live under one roof with same opinions and views on different matters. Often they pick up a fight or quarrel with each other, which turns into fierce and serious arguments.

According to my point of view there are three categories of married couples:

First, those who have compromised with each other and decided to live their lives according to their wishes and just meet like strangers to fulfil their needs.

Second, those who can't compromise and continue quarrelling and end up in divorce or death of any of the two.

The third category is rare but still this type of couple's presence makes others compel to enter into marriages. They are those who love and take care of each other.

According to a psychologist sometimes heated discussions worsen relations between husband and wife. To avoid this situation you must resolve your differences with your wife and argue with her in a decent manner and create mutual understanding.

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