When you hear a person say: "I hate their guts", --are you always mystified and puzzled just as to why they would choose to take strong objection to someone's intestines, entrails or bowels?


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It means that they are expressing how they more than hate someone as to the very being of them guts and all,
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It means that you hate someone from deep inside them, right from there inner core, to there outer self, so no I am never mystified by that. I have never hated anyone that much, but there are some nasty people that have got that much hate in them, and to them I give a smile, :))
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Addilynn All Star
And i dont think there is anyone tht hates another sooo much! I call is obsessive love...where you love someone soo much u wanna hurt them....i feel like tht sometime..
Ray Ottewell
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I have told you before Addi, the smiley man has got two lips :)) do you want me to give him a nose as well :-))
Ray Ottewell
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:"-)) ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh chewwww :''-))
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It supposedly originates in Ancient Egypt where the Pharaoh would execute his enemies or dissidents and have their entrails ripped out while dying.These would then be preserved and put on display as a warning to show what happens to rebels or protestors.The records of these deaths and accompanying pictures were written in hieroglyphics for all to see regarding whose guts the Pharaoh hated.
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"I hate his guts, and Flanders is his name".  To hate someone's audacity?
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Tony Newcastle
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Sorry, duane, my friend, i don't watch the simpsons.
Duane Bryant
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I don't watch the Simpsons either. I thought it would be part of an English writing or poetry (Flanders).
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Not really as I have better things to do with my life then wonder about the whys of something that is just a figure of speech and besides there are several parts of the Human anatomy that would be worse to use here instead of guts, so this is one of those things that is well hidden in the garage somewhere
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Arthur Wright
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Could very well be possible here and just kidding with you on here so please dont take anything too serious as something has to liven up this website again. Have a great one, my friend!
Ray Ottewell
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Another great answer Arthur, I have given you a helpful :))
Hilary Newton
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Hey ray,what about me,
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Lol...I use this phrase when I truly dislike some passionately. 
" I hate him/her with the fire of a thousand suns"
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I am puzzled even when somebody uses the word "hate" cus to me hate means.."they stole my crayons I hate em"..8)

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