This girl in my class always smells like pee and sweat. And we are freshman. And her hair always looks like it's been two days since being washed. It's terrible but nobody has the guts to tell her. What should I do?


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Have you ever considered it be abuse. A lot of peoplee that write books about their long lives of child abuse focus partially on the fact that nobody at school really liked them because they stole food cause they were hungry, and they reaked because they were never allowed to bath or change their underwear. This one book I read about was about a 14 year old girl (she was gorgeous in school cause it included pictures but her hair was cut short because she could never wash it and it got nits) and the clothes she wore were different every day so that it didn't look like she wore one pair to school. But secretly, her mom never let her change her underwear. Literally she was wearing the same underwear at a time for 2 years. So maybe you should talk to this girl a little bit - unless you know her well and you know nothings going on at home.
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That's what I was afraid of. Not necessarily that because I know her parents and it doesn't seem like them. But I don't think they are the best off if you know what I mean. So maybe she can't take a shower every day. And I would feel bad to mention it, if she can do nothing about it.
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Tell her but make sure it's when nobody's around o: And make her feel secure, like don't make her feel nasty, just tell her that it may be better if she cleaned up a bit:D try to be as nice as possible :)
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I think you just have to be honest with her. I mean its not fair to her or the rest of you :P

just let her down easy and sugarcoat it a little but not too much.....
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Thanks, you know it's summer, so I'm hoping she learns some hygiene over the summer but if she comes back and it is still this bad I am probably gonna tell her. Thank you :D I also feel bad, because maybe she isn't able to shower every day or something... But I don't know if that is definitely the case.
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Your lucky...its winter here brrrrrr. But that's good, hopefully she realises or someone else tells her so you don't have to but i think if she comes back like that she needs to hear the harsh truth. You are very welcome
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Just be honest and tell her how you feel in a nice and respectful way about her smelling when you  are sitting near to her in class , she might realize this when you are telling her that.
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Either nicely tell her before anyone else tells her and hurts her feilings or ignore it and pretend you don't know what everyones talking bout
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I would spray some cologne around her and see how she will say or do.
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To solve this problem perhaps you should first launch an investigation to find out who she is working for. Perhaps that's her "job." There are all kinds of odd jobs in this world and for all you know she could be employed by anyone--even a foreign secret service that does anything for a story. :-)
Once you launch an investigation to find out who she is working for perhaps you could talk to her bosses about making her work conditions more lax so she doesn't have to sweat so much and work so hard. She could have one of the toughest most pespiring jobs on this planet that feels like a sweatshop when you consider the amount of time she puts in for all her hush hush projects.
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Some people have jobs akin to working in a sweatshop with cruel bosses who push them hard with electroshock whips and call the sweaty person who you are referring to as "sniper" since childhood. The job might entail being pushed to the max and staying awake all night to work on dream pojects. The projects the sniper has to do might be highly cerebral and physical (like a wet n'wild leonoardo da vinci) and all tied in to a theme of duty, country, innovation, and love -- something the Illuminati
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...something the illumanti strives for. To help her out ask her bosses to go easy on her electroshock whips that exist in the SWEATshop that is her life.

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