Why are older brothers so protective ove their little sisters but not their little brothers, and why arnt big sisters protective over their little sisters and brothers?


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That, I reckon, is a result of the gender stereotypes we have to deal with these days. But it's not always true! I have a nephew who is just like a little brother to me, and I'm really really protective of him. There's this one girl who, to put it mildly, is not the type of teen you would want your brother to date, and if she were to start chasing my nephew, I'd get quite worked up about it and get involved. That kind of thing. =)
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I think that because they think their little brother must know how to defend themselves and it depend on what age  is their brother and sisters ?
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That's not true. It's a societial thing that implies that young gilrs can't take care of themselves but young boys can, and we are culturally conditioned to accept this and propogate the belief (not trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist hee, but it's what I and a lot of others believe). It's also very dependent on the individual in question. For example, I'm a woman, but I remember I used to be extremely protective of my other siblngs, younger and older brothers and sisters alike. It had nothing to do with thei age or gender: I would alwyas make sure they were alright. Same with my parents, I'd make sure they would be places on time and had enough money and things like that. It makes me sound like a control freak, but anyway...

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