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My older brother is way protective of me. I'm sixteen and he's seventeen and he makes sure that I'm taken care of. Almost all of the men in my family, that are really close to me, on my dad's side of the family, are like that. My dad and grandpa hated when I got a boyfriend. I actually love the over protectiveness of my family, but I do need space.

I, myself, am very protective of my younger brother and sister. They're my responsibility, it seems, to take care of them and make sure that they don't get into trouble.

When I need my space, all that I do is tell them to back off. Tell them that you need a certain amount of time alone.

My other brothers, who I don't see that much, aren't that way. I'm closer to my older brother because I see him more than my other two. I guess it's because my older brother cares more about me whereas my other ones love me unconditionally, but don't mind if I date, or whatever.

There's nothing that you can do about the over protectiveness of brothers/sisters.
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I have two brothers, one older and one younger. I'm 32 years old and they are both protective of me and my daughter. I know it can be annoying but it's a great thing and I'm very thankful for it. Try to understand that they do mean well and only want what's best for you. If you show you like a guy and they go to the point of confronting the guy maybe they know something about the guy and then you should sit down and talk to them about it. No matter what guy you show interest in, he will never be good enough but in time they will accept him once he shows his respect for you. Good luck!
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Well, my situation isn't quite as bad but maybe telling you about it, might help you in some way.
I suppose I should tell you that my cousins are WAAAAY more overprotective than my brothers are, so that just goes to show how easy I have it at home.
I have always(luckily) been allowed to go out and stay passed midnight (as long as everyone knew where I was and with whom and as long as someone was with me), I was always allowed to date as well, so in that sense I don't have anything to complain about (and I'm really not complaining). If someone was teasing me, all I had to do was tell my twin brother and my older brother and they'd take care of it... Mostly my twin because we're closer and he knows everyone that I hang out with and people I see at school etc. So they did take care of me and they didn't allow me to go out at night ALONE, but they did allow me to go out as long as I had someone that went with me. I don't think that's unreasonable, especially since you hear things on the news about children missing.
Anyways, my brothers aren't that overbearing and you're probably wondering 'Okey, great, good for you, but that doesn't really help me'.
Well maybe it can... I suppose they've never been this overprotective because my mum and dad made sure that we were treated as equals and that meant that I was allowed to go out and date just as much as my brother were allowed to, but another influence was me. I never allowed anyone to tell me what to do and I definitely didn't allow my brother to rule over me and if I felt that they treated me wrongly in a specific situations (I'd get mad ;)) and I'd probably yell at them, I admit, but after a while (when I've calmed down) I would tell them how I felt and say to them that I have just as much right as they have, to (for example) go out and have fun with my friends or to go out on a date.
If that didn't work I just tell my parents and that usually helped.
So I guess what I'm trying to say is that, if you feel that they keep hovering around you, just tell them to back off (in a nice way), if that doesn't work just try to tell them how you feel: Emphasise on how misserable or sad it makes you feel (however you feel at the time), it might make them feel guilty for a bit and who knows, maybe they will back off... If that doesn't work just talk to your parents about it.
I'm sure they all want you to be happy and if this situation makes you unhappy than just say so and try to compromise witht them. Hopefully this helps you out, if not, I still hope your situation turns out okey. :)
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I have two older brothers, (twins), and they are both very overprotective. I'm 17 and they're 19. Our parents are pretty chill about what we do. We never had a "set time" on when to be home, as long as we had our house key and phone. My brothers don't like me out late, and I always hear it whenever I get home late in the night or early in the morning. They're very controlling about who I hang out with, and what I do. We don't get into fist fights anymore as much as we used to, (still some tho), and we wrestle a lot.
I used to always tell them how overprotective they are, and that I wanted my own space and stuff... Didnt work. They actually took my phone and looked through it when I would get home late because they thought I was hiding something from them. Sometimes still do.
We were in high school together for 2 years. We always kept our home life away from school. Durring that time, they always had my back in any situation.
The point of this is that no matter what, your brothers are your brothers. They will fight with you, of course, but they will also always be there for you.
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Hi, I am much older than you and I must say some of us get that special treatment. I am a full grown women and I have three brothers and they still treat me as if I am sixteen years old. I have a Sister and they are not as protective with her. I guess its because she is married and lives far away. Be thankful that you have brothers, they mean well. Now, good luck on trying to change them.
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I don't want to change them, just their habits! Yeah i suppose i am very close to them but thats no excuse for their behaviour, Right?
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We have the same situation..my brother is over protecting me..and I'm 1 year older than you..

Hmm,but somebody told me that it's for my own sake..and I can do nothing..
We're the youngest..we'll just have to follow them because if we don't,I know you know you'll realize..maybe you'll say, "I wish I followed my brother"..

And maybe this helps..
Tell them to give you some space..or to learn from your own mistakes..
And you must know your limitations for them to trust you..
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I grew up in a large family with many siblings. It's good to hear that siblings care and look out for one another which is the sign of a healthy family. Sometimes we have to talk to our siblings and express how we really feel in hopes that they in turn will respect these feelings. Communication and understanding are crucial in any Family setting.
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In the same boat as you.  I'm 16 and have an older brother but he's the captian of the wrestling team and friends with pretty much every guy around here.  If I even look at a guy and he sees he starts freaking out.  He actually told me that I'm NOT allowed to date anyone that's not in my grade.  What's worse is that at homecoming my sister went with a guy he didn't like and he threatened to beat him up in the middle of the dance.  Right now I don't think there's anything thing you can do.  You can try telling them to back off but I doubt it'll help.

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