Do boys care about the size of a girls boobs?


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Mo youdntneedtokno Profile
Not all guys do, I actually look at a girls personality more than I do look at the size of her anything, guys that only look at your outside are just jerks so if you really want a guy that like you find one that likes you for who you are :) hope this was helpful:)
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Anonymous answered
My boyfriend doesnt he loves me for who I am and don't give one bout how big o not my boobs are
Tally Rivera Profile
Tally Rivera answered
They do I'm a size D & I can't talk to a guy b/c theyre looking at my boobs not my face =(
jack twaddell Profile
jack twaddell answered
Every man, or boy is different. Some are breast men, some are ass men, some are legs, etc..etc...
PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

Some do. Others care about the girls brains.

Deston Elite Profile
Deston Elite answered

As human beings, we unconsciously look at every part of the people we're attracted to, even the facial features that nobody would notice. Yes, guys do sort of care about the size. We might even wish our partner's were either bigger or smaller. Either way, we still accept them because it doesn't change who they are.

diego gutierrez Profile
diego gutierrez answered
Well it depends some guys just like girls with big boobs some guys don't care and that is how you notice if he likes you for you or your boobs but for me I don't care as long as I am feeling her and she is feeling me

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