Why would my guy bestfriend refuse to hug me?


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Vonzetta Reid answered
He might be interested in you more than just a friend and I think you guys should just discuss the problem with him not hugging you and see what happens<3
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Emma Veliz answered
Has he done this always?  If is all of a sudden he stopped hugging you sitting him down and talking about his feelings wont get you no where. Try to do the cold shoulder be the same but don't try to give him a hug hell notice and would ask him self why you stopped and hell come along on his on.
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Samantha HAloooooo
But why would he be okay with hugging other girls who are his friends too?
Emma Veliz
Emma Veliz commented
Thats so weird, what if he does like you and he want to get a reaction out of it. Are you guys always together, at all time?, know the same people?
Samantha HAloooooo
Yeah we are together alot and hang with the same people.
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John Doe answered
He might really want to hug you. I really wanted to hug My girl friend now but if our hands so much as touched I would panic and move away. Give it time and he might come around. Or he just doesn't like his bubble being invaded.
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ash joneser answered
He may have feelings towards you, he may think you have feelings for him, or he is interested in someone else and he doesnt want tht girl to see him hugging another girl.
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Bri Goodman answered
He mabey over reacts to so called "sexiest moves" simply say you're best friends, and that is what they do :)

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