My Mother has Been Petticoat Punishing Me for a Long Time. Does she have the right to do this to me?


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Your question has a very creative theme, could almost be the title of a good read!

Children of both sexes are now encouraged by most liberated parents to role-swap because this is seen as being educational as well as a healthy introduction into a more balanced adult sexuality once they reach adolescence.  Your mother clearly sought to inspire the creative side of your nature and not necessarily because she assumed that you would turn out to bea cross-dresser or a transvestite, but in your mind, perhaps this is your concern?

If you date the opposite sex then clearly, she knows what your sexuality is: Straight but just either wants to make sure that you are sure of your sexuality or simply wants to nurture youbased upon the relationship she had with you in your childhood - a fun and silly mother and son duo. 

Obviously this is taken to an extreme, but assuming that you are least of an age to make your own decisions about what you wear, seems that the best course of action is to have a serious talk with her and tell her how and why it makes you feel the way you do about it and that should be enough to make this inappropriate banter stop.  You used the word "punishing" so maybe you need to let her know that this is exactly how it does really feel for you as it would for anyone in that position.
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That is definately outrages. Your mother has gone too far and has no right to humiliate you like that, I say you talk to a councelor at once.

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