The mom of my crush said, "I think he's always liked her," to my mom (they're good friends.) But this isn't the first time, she has said it a few times before, but he has not flat out told his mom he likes me. What are the chances she's right?


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I think it could be one of two things.....

One: Mom's tend to know their kids..... Or

Two: It is wishful thinking on her part.

Sorry this probably doesn't help your question. It kind of leaves you still wondering.... 😕😔

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No I was thinking the exact same two things! It's okay I guess, there really isn't anyway anyone would know lol
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There's a word count on here so I asked a similar question here with more information, but I get it's still hard to get a perspective on
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Why don't you just have a conversation with the person?

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Well I have. i have had many conversations with this person. however, as a shy person I can't flat out ask him. I've asked him to do things with me before, so we've hung out but I haven't told him I like him or something like that. It's hard because I get SERIOUS mixed signals so it's difficult to build up the confidence to do something drastic.
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Sometimes you don't have exactly voice I like you.... it shows in the manner you act around the person. Keep on being friends and hanging out.

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