How Can I Control My Sexual Urges While Im Home Alone With An Attractive Boy?


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You obviously know the consequences and simply care more for what the boy thinks  and can offer you than for your own welfare.  Do you not think that the boy knows exactly what is going to happen when you call?  Of course he does.  This is a matter of pride and self-respect.  Do you have either of those for yourself?  If you can not control yourself, take away the temptation.  Don't ask the boy over!!  It's a simple fix if you want to fix your rampant sex give-a-way.  A sure way to see if the boy cares for you on a personal level and not just a sexual one is to ask him over when you are not home this 6 times.  If he comes to visit  you each time,  and he comes and enjoys your company when you are not alone, then he is into you personally,  not for just what you are giving him.  But, if he finds reasons not to come when you will not be alone, you will know that all he is after is what you are giving away free.  BTW, a whore gets paid.  You are not even getting a movie and meal out of this.  You are right to be concerned about this activity, it could ruin your reputation as well as your life.  Neither is worth throwing away for a roll in the hay.  You are a valuable person, don't cheapen yourself in this way.

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