Would You Ever Date You Ex Boyfriend's Cousin?


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Jane  Snow Profile
Jane Snow answered
No to me thats not a good ideal because if you have dated the person and now you are going date the cousin that's not good and besides it bring conflict with the ex and the cousin.and besides they would tell each other about what's going on in the relationship.so this is not a good ideal.be bless.
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Anonymous answered
I personally wouldn't because I wouldn't like always having a connection with an ex but you can not help who you fall for I would just do my best to not fall for an ex's cousin!!!
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Anonymous answered
I don't think so because that would hurt my ex-boyfriends feelings... But if he's as hot or hotter than my ex... Then heck you
carrie Profile
carrie answered
Nope. You can't date your ex's friends or family members. It is a rule!
Jenna Annette Profile
Jenna Annette answered
If I really like him.
Lady D Bell Profile
Lady D Bell answered
That would be off limit to date my ex cousin.
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Anonymous answered
No because it'll be weird! But you can't tell your heart who to love. I wouldn't but that doesn't mean you shouldn't because if you think he worth it then go for it just know it'll be hard and weird.
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ash lee answered
I wouldn't because you would probably run into your Ex to often, and that could get awkward.

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