Would you ever adopt?


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If me and my partener were unable to have a kid then I'd probably look into adoption =) I like the idea of IVF treatment, and I'd definitely consider it, its just it'd be strange having a child who is lets say my wifes but not mine, or visa versa, while adoption the feeling is mutural =)
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...THIS is how cute she is....she is barely 4ft 4=D....and you'd go upto like the bottom of my nose=)
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I still dont uderstand what you mean by blinde=) and awww, shes tiny=)
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Ye and also hannah is like sooo shy...i mean i'm pretty quiet at gym....but with hannah i was like 'aww your a quiet one aren't you=)' and she just smiled haha, and you know the steriotypical blonde?....THAT=)
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Umh...maybe,it depends on the situation
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I would consider it since natural birth will hurt and I will not have to gain weight lol.
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I adopt animals all the time. Sometimes, they just show up. I have many adopted nieces and nephews. If I was finacially able, I would adopt as many children as possible.

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