How Long Do 13-year Old Kid RelationShips Last?


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I'm 13 , but I feel as if I am a very mature 13 year old . I know about everything to know about stuff like doing IT . & etc. & I feel as if having relationships this young is a waste of time. I had 9 bf's so far but none of them were really so seriously because at this age most 13 year olds just want to make out & get as far as they can with there gf/bf . With me on the other hand I am the type guys ask out a lot but I'm the type that would want to get to know a person & have a serious relationship. But usually the relationships last as little as the first few days up to 9 month's at the most. But what came to my attention is that the relationships that last longer are usually the couples that are the type that don't really talk , the ones that just say hi & bye & are pleased with that for so long. "the inacent ones" haha . Hoped this helped(:
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It all depends honey you can make last as long as you want as long as you are both honest with each other. honesty is the best thing to make things work.
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You I'm 12 and I went out with a guy for about 5 months and I don't rly get why people say to kids " your 2 young for love" or "your to young to be in love" because rly age is but a number I feel you can find tru love at any age , age doznt matter at all
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Well I'm 13 and me and my boyfriend lasted over a year but it wasn't to serious
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I really don't know it depends if you two love each other a lot maybe it could last forever if itz possible
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Well to be honest the relationship won't last forever, they've got many years ahead of them to live life and to be in a relationship at their age for a long period of time will kinda take up most of their childhood.
If they work at the relationship and be honest and trustworthy with each I'm sure they will carry the relationship on for a long time.
Basically, just enjoy life, try not to expect to much from the relationship, there's a chance it won't last forever but if they work hard at it then they will last a long time.
I wish them all the best of luck and just to have fun and don't get too upset when it ends. They've got many years ahead of them
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Well I am 13 and I have dated my boyfriend for a year and we are both happy. Just it will last as long as you are both honest
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Well I'm thirteen and they usually last two weeks...but if your lucky they can last up to two years, mine did....I found the one I love...for now haha

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I am 13 years old and I'm liter ally in love with a guy I met in 6th grade and he moved to D.c he calls me everyday and leaves me messages and sends me flowers once a month he is all I need to make me happy
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It can last basically as long as they both want it to but typically they don't last forever. Love is a very tricky thing and she's young and still has a lot of living to do. I'd say they should go out for as long as it's fun being with and getting to know that person but at this stage, once it has stopped being fun and they just can't work it out they should both move on. That can happen in a day or over many years. It's all up them.
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Not too long as an adult relationship for sure, but they like nearly everyone has said, it all depends.
I was 13 with my boyfriend for 6 months but, if I had to pick how long they normally go for, I'd say about 4-6?? Maybe longer
hope this helps!!
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Um my friend dated his girlfriend for about 1 year. So sometimes they can be pretty along. But thing is I've seen dating at my school for about a week sometimes only 2-3 days so sometimes pretty short
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Kid relationships don't last very long because you both are very immature and inexperienced for the relationship world, so they may last long but they don't get serious.

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