How Do U Snog Properly With Out Messing Up?


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Justin Darkly answered
Slowly. Don't rush it. You want to feel your way through it. Trust me, you can't mess it up if you take your time. He might want to move faster, but slow him down. If he wants to rush, tell him to take his time you aren't going anywhere.

It isn't complicated. Start with something easy like rubbing his arms and maybe his chest (if you dig his chest). When you move in for the kissing, close your eyes and let your sense of touch take control. You want to feel your lips moving over his. Try and imagine tasting his passion.

While you are sucking his face off (^_^) let your hands move where ever they feel like moving. If you get the urge to rub his leg, do it. When you are snogging (making out) you pretty much do anything you feel like doing without taking any clothes off. That doesn't mean you can't sneak a hand under his shirt or between his belt, but save that for another day. You don't have to do everything your first time snogging.

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