If Someone Misunderstand You, What Would You Do?


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Yasir Baqar answered
Understanding or consensus is the only way to keep a relation live. Misunderstand means the breakup of a relation or no consensus  for such particular work or activity.

If someone misunderstands you though your intentions are not to direct himself or herself towards loss or negativity of work, then you should justify your points to him or her and make him or her well known about your positive intentions, because for him or her you were talking wrong or you were guilty. If after letting him or her known about your intentions, he or she still don't want to regain the lost gain then you shouldn't try more and you don't need to justify yourself.
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Alma Holmes answered
A lot of time if someone misunderstand you they are willing to listen when you start with I am sorry thats now what I meant and then you explain yourself and if this person is not willing to talk just send a card explaining things and once you have explain then you can relax this seems to be important so I hope all goes well.
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Mohsin Ali answered
I would first find out the reasons, why he/she miss understands me? Then will evaluate, is there any reality behind this discord? If not, I will explain myself before him/her and would try my best to clarify. I would convince him/her the way he/she wants to be convinsed.
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tinga nih answered
Explain my side.. Making sure it would be on a good time.. I mean both are open for a good healthy conversation... I hate being misunderstood.. As much as possible I try to explain my side..
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David Mathley answered
I agree with Tinga. If the other person will listen I will try to explain what I meant. If they will not listen there is not a whole lot you can do.

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