What Are The Causes Of Family Troubles?


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Many causes and troubles can be presented and discussed for the family troubles. Many people have different problems and environments in their family system and they are mostly forced to live in those conditions and environments because other people of the family are not ready to cooperate them in any condition. So far your question is concerned that what are the causes of family troubles can be discussed like this.

As I mentioned above that different family systems are prevailing in different families and they are so rigid that they are not ready to change them. Sometimes elders create troubles to their youngsters by not changing the old systems for which they are used to and they are so rigid in their habits and attitudes that they don't care the needs and demands of their youngsters.

Sometimes youngsters too are not ready to cooperate with their elders and cause troubles. In the present age the main family trouble is financial one because expenditures of most of the families are more than their income and due to which many problems arise and the whole family is disturbed. If family members cooperate with each other, they can avoid these troubles.
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Ryan Viola , Differences in Relationship, answered
From my living status, I just want to say  all the family troubles makes differences in every relation which can be tied after sorting but it will drop a mark permanently. Try to make a smooth and healthy relation. And Keep trying.

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Main problems for family troubles is communication gap, ego problems, sometimes elders try to rub on their thoughts, before knowing the younger one's opinion
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Watching too much tv can cause family feuds, just watch all the arguing in my family always over tv. TV is the route of social evil, making families unable to communicate without rows over telling people to be quiet when the tv is on. Or over what to watch.

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