What Are The Responsibilities Of A Head Of A Family?


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The head of a family is responsible for each and every matter of a family. Head of a family must check the study routine of children and also check their general routine, means in what type of actives they are involved. Children are the most important responsibility of, head of a family either there is single parent means mother or father. Or if both of the parents are combine, then female has more responsibilities in home means every thing at home is clean and clear. And in this effort father also take part.

Head of the family have responsibility like paying utility bills on time, also other bills. He must have to take care of food, that all the things for dinner or lunch are available at home. He must check that their children sleep on time and go to school regularly. Must give time to their children when came from office or other work.

It is the most important responsibility of head of a family that, one must earn sufficient amount of money which can fulfill their family needs. one must be a responsible person, who understand and fulfill his all matters, otherwise he don't have any right to be the head of a family.
He must have good control over children, that children should respect him and obey their all commands.

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