What To Do When The Non Custodial Parent Won't Give The Child Back And Police Will Not Help?


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You will need to go to the County Prosecutors office and see what legal action you can take against him. If you can at least get an official court recognition of his contempt of court, you may be able to process further action against him, and if the court issues an order for the child's return, the police (or sheriff's office if he lives in unincorporated county area) HAVE to get involved, as a failure to obey a court order is a contempt situation and can call for his arrest.
 Just try to keep calm while dealing with the prosecutors' office, or the court, as it just makes you look mature and responsible.
 Stick with it, and you will be vindicated. Then, once you have got your daughter back, have him served with a no contact order and pursue trying to get his visitation rights revoked on the grounds that he has shown criminal disrespect for the law.
 Hope this helps in some way (I'm baffled that your law enforcement acted like that. Refusal to obey a custodial order is not civil, it's low-grade criminal. I wonder if he has friends in the force), and that you get this resolved quickly.
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I agree with everything that was said, except I would like to add if your husband takes the child out of state and he doesn't have custody, it's considered kidnapping and that's a federal offense.
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Get to the court house he is breaking the law and the police won't get involved unless he ( the dad) is harming him but the judge will go after him for contempt of court. Please go see the judge it is not helping your child either.

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