What Are The Different Types Of Family?


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There are five different types of families there are the nuclear,extended,single parent ,and blended. The nuclear family consist on mother ,father and 1 child . The extended consist of grammy,uncles, aunties, and ,cousin . The single parent family consist of one parent and as many children the parent has. The blended family nof two different races combined and creates mixed children .
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The structure of families traditionally hinges on relations between parents and children, on relations between spouses, or on both. Anthropologists have called attention to three major types of family:
Note: this typology deals with "ideal" families. All societies tolerate some acceptable deviations from the ideal or statistical norm, owing either to incidental circumstances (such as the death of a member of the family), to infertility or to personal preferences.
[edit]Matrifocal families
A matrifocal family consists of a mother and her children — generally her biological offspring, although nearly every society also practices adoption of children. This kind of family commonly develops where women have the resources to rear their children by themselves, or where men have more mobility than women. Some indigenous South American and Melanesian societies are matrifocal.
Among polygynous societies studied along the Orinoco river system in southern Venezuela, families are set up in two levels. The larger system consists of one man, one to five women, and their children. The smaller matrifocal family consists of each woman and her children. The children are reared by their mothers as they would in a simple matrifocal system, with most fathers not being closely involved.
[edit]Consanguineal families
A consanguineal family comes in various forms, but the most common subset consists of a mother and her children, and other people — usually the family of the mother. This kind of family commonly evolves where mothers do not have the resources to rear their children on their own, fathers are not often present, and especially where property changes ownership through inheritance. When men own important property, consanguineal families commonly consist of a husband and wife, their children, and other members of the husband's family.
[edit]Conjugal families
A conjugal family consists of one or more mothers and their children, and/or one or more fathers. This kind of family occurs commonly where a division of labor requires the participation of both men and women, and where families have relatively high mobility. A notable subset of this family type, the nuclear family, has one woman with one husband, and they raise their children. This was formerly known as the "Eskimo system" in anthropology.
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Nuclear family, extended family
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Nuclear family
single parent family
extended family
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The different types of families are the nuclear ,single parent and the extended family.

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