What Are The Types Of Family Member Trees Which Are Used To Organize And Store The Family History Online?


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If one wants to store and organize one's family history online then the member trees are perfect to do so. There are so many other members that must be having their own family record on the web site. There are two main types of member trees that can be used by one to store and organize their family history and record in a very good and efficient manner. These are:
1. Public member trees
2. Personal member trees.
Both of these trees are searchable but what makes them different from each other is the result produced after being searched. Both provide different search results. The records kept within the public member trees can completely be shown to other members and users. While the other type of the trees are restricted to be viewed by other users. These restrictions are applied by the owner of the member tree. Only the names, birth places and a little other information about the family can be displayed to the other users in the case of personal member tree. To avoid the problems of displaying wrong information to other users, the personal member tree is the best choice as it will not display all of the information but just very general information like name, birth places etc.

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