Is Not Knowing Anything About One's Biological Father An Awful Feeling? Does It Make It Worst If There's No Way Of Finding Out?


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It can be an awful feeling and then not too. It depends on the way you take it.It would hurt anyone to not know about one's biological father.If they can't find a way to find him then this thought might keep haunting them for a long time.A situation like this is not a pleasant one to be in.

I am assuming that either you or someone you know are going through this dilemma. From your question, I am also assuming that your friend has been brought up by parents who adopted him/her. Come to think of it that person owes more to his/her Adoptive Parents.

If that person keeps on thinking about his/her biological father and never gets a chance to see him, he might start reacting differently to his adoptive parents.

What you could do in such a situation is help that person out by being there for him/her. You have to let them know that you will help them out in anyway you can but that its very important for them to love his/her adoptive father unconditionally like he/she has and not change the way they are with them.A person in such a dilemma needs people to be there for him/her and guide them through.
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this person actually has a mother and step-family with complicated relationship.
It's really hard to understand this person's mind, most times it seems evrything is too sensitive to talk about>
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Well, if someone does not know about his/her biological father it may disturb him or it may not. Basically there are many factors if someone does not know any thing about his father and it can be worse by the passage of time.I think that kind of person keep these points in his/her mind.

Perhaps you will think that why I'm saying this but I've got very strong logics for my opinion. You know when a baby comes in this world he/she has nothing to do with the deeds his/her parents have performed. There is not any sin in the baby, whatever his/her parents have done, they are accountable for it.

So a person should not worry if he/she does not know about his/her biological father. And if he can't find a way, then he should not try it, there are many other things in life to ponder. A person can be a great person without knowing about his/her father. There are many great men, who even don't have their fathers alive when they came in this world.
So you must teach a lesson from them. And if a person is becoming worry about his biological father just tell him that he has nothing to do with him. So get a life. And be ready to be a great man!

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