My Daughter Is In Third Grade And Needs To Make A Family Tree Poster, How Does She Get Started?


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You have to tell her who her daddy is. (LOL)

Then, you have to tell her who your mama and daddy are. And who his are.

Then, you have to tell her who her great grandparents are.

You keep going back as many generations as you can. The people in the family tree are the biologic parents, not the step parents or adoptive parents.

Here is an on-line tree maker, though it sort of does it like a tree laying on its side. You can do either an ancestor tree, or a descendant tree.

On the basis of my personal knowledge, my own family tree is a pretty short bush. Other members of my family have done some research of particular branches, but the whole tree is pretty sparsely known in the present generation. The folks who have done the research are reluctant to share information without first getting permission from the folks involved. It's a privacy thing.

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