What Is Your Relationship Between You And Your Family Like?


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Lena JH answered
I am very close to my dad, but would not call him my best friend. I am not close to my mom at all, we don't get along. I get along with my little brother, but I wouldn't say we were close. I get along very well with everyone on my mother's side of the family but I do not get along with anyone on my father's side of the family. My mother's parents are both dead, I only knew them when I was young, I see my father's parents more often. I love(d) them all very much.
krystolyn carpio Profile
Well, on my moms mom side of the family it is good. We have family get together and we are close. On my moms dad side we are close also but with certain people in the family.
   With my dads mother side I am not close with them whatsoever. I am the oldest child and some people in his family don't even know I exist!!! I don't know ANYTHING about his dads side of the family.
  With my mom well we have been through a lot. We can be together in the same room up to 3 days ten we will need a break from each other!! Lol but we are close in our own way.
With my dad well we are close. And I really value tat because not a of young women have their dads in their lives.
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Jesse Cerulli answered
My Mom really loves me, and she dotes on me a lot.

My older brother hates me and beats me up all the time. He also makes me do tons of stuff for him, like my dad.

My father hates me too, and makes me like his servant. He hits me if I do something wrong or disobey him.

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Phil Mayfield answered

I try to keep up with what my son is doing. I would like to help him more than I do but he has chosen the school of hard knocks and so my help does not help. My new wife is my family now. I seldom talk with my parents family (my siblings) because they can be quite toxic.

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