Does anyone know how to go about trying to find someone. I'm trying to find my biological father and I have no idea where to start?


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Your mother would be the first place to start, I'd gather as much information from her and your known family as you can. could be useful, any of the social medias, and people finder, especially if you have his name.

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Well see my mother passed away in 05 and I was only 13 at the time so I never really got to ask her much and all I know is a name and that he lives in San Antonio somewhere
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I'm sorry to hear about your mom, I lost mine when I was 12. That being said, you have his name and a city he lives in, try people finder, and input his name city and state and it will help you narrow your will even give you people that he might know as in other family members. Good luck to you!
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That depends on how much info you have on him. If you have his name you can start by searching Facebook. If you have his name and now where he was born you can look for people with the same last name in his hometown. They maybe related and can help. Your birth certificate should have both his name and birthplace listed.

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