How To Show The Elderly Empathy?


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The easiest way is to show you care is by listening to them. Often, the elderly are somewhat isolated from friends and family. It means a great deal to them to have someone that will listen to them and acknowledge that just because they are old they are not stupid or useless or that their opinions are not viable. Often because of their life experiences, they have much to offer in advice and encouragement. They have seen much and over-come much. Take time to listen.

Another easy way to show that you care is by a simple touch or hug. A touch on the shoulder or a pat on the hand can mean so much to a person that is lonely for human contact, which many of our elderly are. I have seen a hug bring tears to an old person's eyes in a nursing home. Is your time so valuable that you can not share it with the elderly by telephoning a old person or by visiting for a few minutes with them? Remember - at some point in time (if we are lucky enough to live so long), we will all be wearing the same old people's shoes that they wear.

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