How To Behave Your Elders Properly?


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Behaviour and attitude of any individual depicts his entire personality. You can very well judge the whole personality of person by his attitude and behavior. Well-known and well-liked personalities if are explored, you will see that all their fame and love is due to their behavior and attitude. So far your question that how to behave your elders properly is a very easy one to be answered.
When a man gets elder, he requires the following things. First of them is respect. You should be very conscious in your behaviours and dealings with them. You must try to obey their orders as much as possible and even if their orders create obstacles in your daily routine life, try to make them realize and understand with respect and honour. Secondly you should try to serve them properly and well in time. Mostly the elderly people become rigid in their habits and timings, so you must try to cope up with their habits and make their life easy. If they are sick and need your attention then try to spare time to take them to doctors and give them medicines in time. I hope by behaving like this, you will be showered with their prayers and good wishes and you will prosper in your life.
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In our society we are mainly recognized by our personality. If we want to give an example for some discussion, when topic of our discussion is some personality, our comments or views are about that person are like that "oh you are talking about him who even doesn't know how to behave with elders". Such kind of comments we normally receive if we our behaviour is not good with any one. These little things affect our whole life. Our way of talking, manners, behaviour they are just our basic .We start learning all these things from very early stage of our life. We learn all these things from our elders. They play a prominent role in our life.

All lessons they teach us about life help in grooming our personality. Now if we are not behaving with them properly, we are not giving them proper attention then our ethics, our all life is just useless, because we are not following our lessons which were given to us by our elders.

In later stages of life, we need more attention that's natural. So as a younger generation it's our responsibility to take care of our elder, behave with them nicely. Don't ever try to hurt them. These are few tips that how we can behave with them properly.
Best of luck!!
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Treat them with respect.
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First say hi or hello . How was your journey . If he married how is your wife . Come take bath & had a tiffin
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With age, the character and temperament of a person may change. It is quite normal with age and they may become stubborn. The best solution here is to treat them with respect and obedience. They will need more care and respect.

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